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Welcome To The Melanin Clinic

Welcome to the official site of  the Melanin Clinic, Holism is our aim, Holism is our objective and Holism is our intention, the Melanin Clinic will introduce you to a level of Holism (including all parts) seldom seen or heard of in the world today.

The Melanin Clinic specializes in African Holistic health and has been established to ‘bridge a critical gap’ in the mainstream health arena, African Holistic health gave birth to all other health systems in the world today, and existed well before the advent of modern technology, however this health system accomplished a level of medical care that is rarely seen in our modern medical system.

The modern term for African Holistic health is ‘Ethno-Medicine’ a very important branch of medicine that has been neglected within our current medical profession, this negligence has far reaching consequences, of which, some are quite visible, yet others are subtle and therefore go unnoticed by the massess


Melanin is the most fundamental bio-chemical in existence, and has not been given its due recognition and acknowledgment within the mainstream science  arena, Melanin as a bio-chemical drives the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of life.

An organ in the center of the brain known as the ‘Pineal Gland’ secretes two Melanin Hormones (messengers) known as Melatonin and Serotonin, these hormones regulate the night and daytime cycles of the human body, therefore governing the 24 hour circadian rhythm.

All other cycles and bodily systems such as the metabolic and reproductive systems are within and therefore regulated by the 24 hour circadian rhythm, Melanin is the ultimate governing pigment cell in the body, for this unique reason the practice of African Holistic health is based around the Melanin bio-chemical.

The study of biology and chemistry is in actual fact the study of Melanin; however students are never exposed to the science of Melanin.

Scientist from around the world meet on a regular basis to discuss this ancient bio-chemical ‘Melanin’ however they use the term ‘Pigment Cell, visit for details.


Melanin plays a crucial role in the well being of all human beings, the use of the term ‘Race’ has been used to differentiate between the different levels of Melanin Content, the branch of medicine known as Ethno-Medicine is designed to address these anatomical differences.

Most medical doctors (MD’s) or GP’s are exposed to this crucial branch of medicine throughout their training, however the benefits of Ethno-medicine are seldom experienced by the public.


Holistic practices are becoming more and more popular in today’s world, however the use of non-invasive medicine (herbs, acupuncture, massage, et cetera) does not by itself decree a practice holistic, holism means ‘considering all parts’ (all encompassing) which includes the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical members of the human body, also includes the affects of society and environment upon the individual.

This level of holism focus’s on the true root cause of the problem, for example some scholars have highlighted the adverse affects of racial displacement and forced acculturation on the health of indigenous peoples.

In order to thoroughly address a physical illness, one has to focus on the root cause which involves assessing the Spiritual, Mental and Emotional members of the body, all physical diseases are mental diseases, the body is one organism.


“You were made with nutrients and only nutrients will maintain and repair you”

Dr. Khensu I-Em-Hotep